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Tips for Photoshoots with Dogs

August 22, 2023


It’s always special to include a beloved four-legged family member in your photoshoot! These tips will help you prepare for a photoshoot with your pet to ensure a smooth experience!

1. Choose a dog-friendly location

Many locations don’t allow dogs, or only allow dogs at certain times of the year. Reach out to chat more about dog-friendly locations and the best time of year for photographing at each location with your dog!

2. Bring treats

It’s so important to have little bribes for your dog. Bring some of your doggie’s favorite treats to reward their good behavior!

3. Bring toys

Bring toys to help get your dog’s attention. Toys that make noise are especially helpful so that I can use the toy to get your dog’s focus on me.

4. Take your dog for a walk beforehand

Before the photoshoot, make sure to take your dog out to burn off a lot of energy! This can include a long walk/hike or a long play session in the yard before the photoshoot. It’s very important to burn off the extra energy before a photoshoot so that your dog stays calm and focused! The only exception is for very old dogs or other low energy pets – in these cases, it’s more helpful to let your pet rest before the photoshoot.

5. Groom and bathe your dog

To make sure your pets are looking their best, make sure to groom and bathe them ahead of time (especially after hiking or playing in the hard). It makes sure a difference in the photos!

6. Bring the necessities

Make sure to bring anything else your dog might need to the photoshoot, including waste bags, water, or a pet brush.

7. Consider a fun outfit

It can be fun to dress up your dog in an outfit for a photoshoot! I recommend a subtle outfit (such as a bowtie for a dog) that won’t distract from your family photos. Also, if you decide to dress your dog up, make sure it’s something your dog is comfortable wearing!

I hope these tips help you prepare your dogs for their next photo session!

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