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Tips for Photoshoots with Kids

May 11, 2023


I know how exciting photo sessions can be for your kids, but it can also add a layer of stress for you. Here are my favorite tips to help you prepare your kids for a photoshoot while still enjoying it yourself!

1. Let kids be kids!

This is my #1 tip for a relaxed, fun family session! Your kids will run around, get distracted, and occasionally shed a tear or two. I expect all of this! Try not to worry if your kids have trouble posing for photos. We’ll do a mixture of candid and posed shots, and we’ll allow plenty of time for your kids to explore the area and have fun. I’ll follow their lead—if they’re not ready to post for a photo, we’ll spend more time exploring! The key here is to stay calm and relaxed, and trust that you will get photos you love! And remember, looking back on the “real” moments—a real laugh, a spontaneous hug, an adorable pouty face—is priceless! These are some of the moments you’ll treasure, even more than the posed photos!

Kids photography Connecticut

2. Bring “bribes”

For young kids, bringing “bribes” is a must! Snacks and toys both work well, but make sure the snack isn’t messy!

3. Let older kids help choose their outfits

If your kids want to be involved in the outfit choices, let them help! However, I strongly recommend picking out 2-3 outfits for kids ahead of time and having them choose among those options.

Autumn family photoshoot

4. Make sure young kids nap first

Rested kids are much happier at photoshoots! This is an especially important tip for the later sunset sessions in the summer.

5. Talk to your kids about the photoshoot

Let your kids know what’s going to happen ahead of time! It’s always helpful for kids to understand what’s going on, and it can help address any fear or anxiety they may have (such as meeting a stranger, seeing a big camera, etc.).

Family photoshoot Connecticut

I hope you find these tips helpful as you prepare for your next family photoshoot!

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